Articles for young people

Articles and resources to help young people think about their career choices.

Making GCSE choices

Choosing your GCSE Options is exciting as it’s the first big decision in your career!  Your school will have various options for you to choose from and it is important that you make sure you fully understand what your options are. How do I decide what to pick? Deciding on your option choices is a… Continue reading Making GCSE choices

Options after Year 11

Once you finish your GCSEs you will move onto the next step in your career.  It’s important to pick something you will enjoy and do well at.  You have two options… EITHER Continuing in full-time education at a sixth form or college, where you could study a wide range of subjects depending on your grades… Continue reading Options after Year 11


What are they? A full-time (minimum 30 hours per week) paid job with training (for industry-recognised qualifications): you’ll be an employee, but you’ll also be doing qualifications alongside your job to help you progress in your career. You’d normally take industry-specific (trade) qualifications as well as functional skills.  You’d spend most your time on the job… Continue reading Apprenticeships

Options after 6th form

There are many things you can do after sixth form depending on your preferences and your grades.  Researching different options can be a time-consuming business, so it’s a good idea to start thinking about your choices early.  Making the right choice involves combining your preferences and ideas about the future to form realistic plans. Full-time… Continue reading Options after 6th form

University choices

If you’re looking at applying to university it can seem like there is an overwhelming amount of choice.  You do have a lot of options, but with good research you can start to narrow it down quite quickly.  So what do I need to think about?  Subject –  This is probably the most important step on… Continue reading University choices

Job hunting skills

Getting a job or apprenticeship can be a long process and involves a number of different skills.  To be successful in our careers we must get good at finding opportunities, filling in application forms, writing CVs and covering letters and performing well at interview.  Read on for some suggestions about all of these job hunting… Continue reading Job hunting skills